Today, obesity and overweight has become one of the major problems because of which a large number of people are suffering from health related issues. So, to overcome this problem many are opting for gym while many others are having a healthy diet. In case if you are also one of them, then you can follow a secret formula that will help you in achieving effective results in less time. There are a number of things that you can do like you can go for health supplements or any other thing say Garcinia Combogia.

Secret weight loss of Amanda

Knowing its benefits more and more people are opting for this product. In fact, few days before a student of Cornell University was in news because she reduced 37 pounds just in 4 weeks. Her name is Amanda Haughman who used two basic things which are Garcinia combogia and apple cider vinegar. With its regular use she was able to lose so much of weight around belly region. This experiment was fruitful and it actually helped others as well. She used MyLyfe Garcinia which is basically a fat burning product that has Garcinia as its main element.

Routine of Amanda

Amanda told that she started her day by making tea with apple cider vinegar and Garcinia product. Along with it, she also did regular workout and exercises because of which she is looking so slim and sizzling.  She also suggested that in order to get the best results you must use it with warm water and take right dosage of apple cider vinegar. Amanda haughman weight loss plan is based completely on natural ingredients which are easily available in the market.

Benefits offered by apple cider vinegar and Garcinia

This experiment was so fruitful that actually it was also proven by the experts and had been tested in lab to check its effectiveness. Following are some of the benefits offered by this secret weight loss plan:

  • Helps in increasing rate of metabolism in body by 130%.
  • Enhances strength and energy.
  • Helps in making sexual side effects positive.
  • Helps in blocking the excess production of fat.
  • Flushes out all the harmful toxins from your body.
  • Helps in boosting the mood.
  • Boosts production of leptins that help in lowering down your appetite.
  • Delivers nutrients to the muscles that help in effective weight loss.

The name of the Garcinia product that Amanda used was Sonic Labs Combogia Garcinia. It contains the hydroxycitcric acid that helped her in reducing weight. It helps in increasing the rate of metabolism due to which the weight is reduced. So, overall with the combination of Garcinia and vinegar, your body will move from gain state to loss state at resting position. Following are some other things that Amanda kept in mind while using this effective approach for losing weight:

  1. She controlled her habit of over eating by reducing it slowly.
  2. Instead of eating sugary or processed food she opted for healthy diet.
  3. She also used fit bit device to track her heart rate, movements and food log.